Freelance Coach and Bitting Consultant

Covering West Sussex/Surrey Borders


I have worked in the horse industry for over 30years and bring experience, enthusiasm and a wealth of knowledge picked up along the way but believe we are always learning.

Coaching Confidence 

Coaching for all. Children and Adults. Beginners to Competitors.30-45mins sessions one to one at your place or a hired venue to really make the most of your partnership all are confidence giving, positive sessions on horse and rider biomechanics.Group sessions up to 1hr can be arranged and clinics to work on dressage test riding, polework, showring technique or gridwork /course jumping and xc can be arranged.

Qualified, registered, insured, experienced.

I am always working on upgrading my learning and adding to my toolkit, services and experience.

Coach code of conduct 

  • I will strive to always deliver high standards.
  • I ask you to share responsibility for all our safety but I will do all that is reasonably possible to create and maintain safety.
  • I do not have all the answers so may collaborate but being open and honest.
  • I will do my best to be objective, professional. Act with integrity, respect and ethics.
  • I am passionate in all my endeavors, working to benefit the rider and horse.

Client code of conduct 

  • I have a zero tolerance for bullying and abuse.
  • I ask that you share responsibility for everyone's safety at all times.
  • I ask that you book and cancel sessions with as much notice as possible please. 
  • I ask that you call or message with respect for my time and my ability to answer promptly.
  • I ask for payment either from my quick books invoice, by cash or bank transfer at the time of the session.
  • I ask that as much as possible you are ready at the agreed time, of course things happen, to me too so communication is good. I will always be generous with my time and I always allow time to discuss plans and homework but often I have a round trip of sessions so will need to be prompt to the next one.

Bitting Consultation and Bridle fitting 

A bitting session can take up to 1.5hrs. First seeing the horse in a headcollar to look at conformation and take history. Then ridden in normal tack in the normal way to assess way of going. Up to 3 bits are selected for you to try, more changes would be likely to confuse or upset the horse. If I can make enough of a difference that you would like to ride in the bit again you can purchase it. I suggest 5 gentle rides and it can take up to 25 rides for the full effect. Bits are a communication tool that will help but not a magic fix.

Trying any new bit

Introduce gently on a long rein and ride some circles each way to allow the horse to feel the bit.

Take up a contact and gently school and if happy ride in the normal way.

Bits are a communication tool and it is amazing how subtle changes to the bit can affect the horses whole way of going. They are not magic or a quick fix.

I am a trained member of THE FEDERATION OF HORSE BITTING CONSULTANTS see link below for details.

Comfy Anatomical bridles available

I stock a few different ranges and types of bridle from Showing cobs and natives to the latest anatomical jumping bridles 2 colours and all sizes.